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BEE Partner for VAs

Powerful accurate BEE scorecard calculators for every Code plus a comprehensive audit process management tool.

Trusted by large and small agencies!



BEE Partner for Consultants

BEE Scorecard calculators for each Code designed for scenario planning and audit preparation. 
Hundreds of enthusiastic users!



BEE Partner for End Users

Enabling and supporting the management and control of BEE strategies and commitments.
Relied on by BEE Officers from planning to audit.
Organisations must plan and manage their BEE scorecards tightly to meet the stringent requirements of the Amended BEE Codes .
No BEE plan - no BEE Level!



Transformation Analysis

Mantis has developed a range of customised cloud based solutions for organisations to monitor and manage their transformation progress.

Examples are systems we have built for the Property Sector Charter Council, The Financial Sector Charter Council and the South African Insurance Assurance.
In each instance we have created on-line forms for stakeholders to enter their BEE scorecard and related data. These together with a dashboard for the council staff, enables them to access dynamic statistical information and to drill down to understand transformation progress within the sector.  These are key tools in understanding the impact of legislative initiatives and in producing mandatory reports. 

Another example is a cloud based tailored scorecard calculator for a large enterprise that permits multiple users to view and update various elements that they are authorised to access.