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World Class Marketing Tools Any Business Can Afford

Measure, collaborate, automate. If your marketing team is struggling with any of these, Bitrix24 can help. We’ll help you generate more leads, improve conversion rates, provide superior customer service and put marketing on autopilot.

Human Resources

Manage People, Build a Culture

Are your employees effective but dissatisfied? Or, do you manage to provide a pleasurable work experience but still fall short on productivity? Whether you need to engage, measure or reward, Bitrix24 makes the HR process simple and transparent. It’s the only tool you need for increasing productivity, nurturing leaders, and building a healthy, value-driven company culture.

Project Management

Reach Super-Efficiency and Accelerate Team Success

Tired of things falling through the cracks? Take the stress out of everyday workflows and get things done with ease. Plan, organize, collaborate and keep an eye on the big picture, while effectively managing the team and balancing time, scope, and costs.

Customer Service

Your Omni-Channel to Superior Client Support

It's time to say goodbye to wait times. Bitrix24’s Customer Contact Center puts the customer first, allowing you to stay focused on what truly matters. Answer questions and solve problems in real time, through all channels, and across different devices.

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Bring Order to Law

In between advertising and employee management, analytics and legal process outsourcing, law firms indeed have a lot on their plate. Your attorneys are struggling with an abundance of tasks of their own, while your marketing team fights yet another battle for competitive edge? Bitrix24 makes sure that you have the internal structure you need, so that you can make sure justice is served anytime, anywhere.


Win the Battle of Sales and Delight Your Customers

Overwhelmed by the ever-increasing customer expectations? In the new world of big data, smart retailing is all about Customer Relationship Management. Bitrix24 helps create seamless and personalized shopping experiences, that lead to better sales, increase brand loyalty, and boost sales conversions. Win customers over by revealing hidden needs and building deeper connections.


Learn Tools for an Improved Travelling Experience

Cannot seem to organize all those tiny details about your clients and their trips, flights, and cruises? The workflow is so challenging that your agents have started to lose their edge? There are leaks in your lead pipeline? Bitrix24 has a perfect solution for all of your travel management problems. Collect, store, and manage client and vendor data, build long-term relationships, automate tasks, encourage productivity, and streamline your sales process, all from a single platform.

Transportation & Storage

Finetune Your Engines for Speed

Not only do Transportation and Storage SMEs need to help their clients remain competitive, but they also have their own competition to beat. Your clientele expects you to be fast on the road, but it’s something you cannot do without fast in-house support. If your IT infrastructure is slowing you down, it’s time to find modern solutions and tools that will speed up your performance.

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Lead Remotely, Stay Connected

Working from afar or outsourcing projects to distant places? Then you’ve certainly experienced productivity losses and scope creeps. However great its potential might be, business mobility is only possible with reliable tools. That’s why Bitrix24 gives you everything you may lack – a centralized platform that fits in your pocket, so that you can lead, manage, and collaborate from wherever you are.


Unlock Your Full Performance Potential

Trying to focus on your long-term goals in the midst of a total chaos? Reaching goals isn’t a rocket science, but it does require being deliberate about your time and tasks. Bitrix24 helps you boost performance, increase productivity, complete projects with ease, and eliminate wasted effort. When you need to make a quick progress and tackle big opportunities, Bitrix24 will keep the engines running and take care of the small things.


Build Long-Lasting Connections in a Matter of Seconds

Most real work gets done in groups. Communication, coordination, and alignment bring results far greater than individual efforts. Achieve the balance between hyper-personalized communication and ultimate time efficiency with online tools that turn every interaction into an easy and fun experience. With Bitrix24 you can access the world of digital possibilities and keep the human touch alive.

Management & Leadership

Whatever you Need to Manage, Bitrix24 will Manage it

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. Whether it comes to setting goals, assembling brain trusts, allocating roles, arranging projects or motivating people, Bitrix24 can help managers do things right, and leaders do the right things.

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One System for all Internal and External Communications

The phone keeps ringing, but you’re still a few contacts short of filling in your client database? If only there was a way of integrating your phone system with a CRM! Our telephony solution does exactly that, but wait, there’s more: you’ll never miss another call or fail to record the client info you received. Track every conversation, then store it directly to our CRM for further use. With Bitrix24, exceptional customer service and better relationships are only a call away.


Do a Little More Each Day

Having trouble coordinating a team's creative mess, or organizing your own? It's hard, we know! Our solution is fairly simple: schedule, share and sync. Bitrix24's Calendar allows you to do it all in a few clicks.


Advanced Relationship Intelligence to Win More Customers

Losing business due to miscommunication, delayed response time, and missed opportunities? Happy customers tell the world, and so do the unhappy ones. Our CRM solution puts customers at the heart of your business, while giving you the space to grow and improve. Boost business efficiency, close more sales, effortlessly juggle thousands of customer interactions at once, and stay fully aware of the clients’ needs. With Bitrix24, you’ll reign the complex world of customer relationships without dropping the ball.

Tasks & Projects

Efficiency Boost, on Personal and Team level

Management blunders, missed deadlines, out-of-sync tasks - project management is never easy, as you’ve probably learned by now. Some setbacks are simply impossible to predict, but as long as you’re equipped with effective tools, you can solve any problem along the way. For everything you have to define, structure, and assign, Bitrix24 is there to help. Enhancing productivity and managing the workflow has never been easier, and neither has completing projects. Enjoy what you love about your job the most, and put the rest on autopilot.

Website Builder

Create Stunning Websites - No Coding Skills Required

No business is complete without a website. Whether you’re selling online or need to showcase your portfolio, a website will bring your business into the spotlight. Increase sales and impress your customers with a beautiful website that can be built in less than a minute.

Contact Center

All-In-One Communication Platform

The variety of communication channels customers use is overwhelming: email, telephone, social media, instant messenger, web forms, live chats - it’s easier to get in touch but harder to sustain relationships. When you’re drowning in the barrage of messages coming from different sources, Bitrix24 will help you stay calm, sort through the clutter, remain informed and build deep personal connections.